10:30 am – 12:00 pm

The morning programme of the VSV symposium consists of two workshops aimed at students. Organised in collaboration with companies active in the aviation industry, these workshops will challenge students, connect them with industry professionals, and provide them with hands-on experience. The following companies will facilitate a workshop.

Aerospace instruments encounter some of the most extreme conditions, and at the same time, they must meet extremely tough requirements. This requires these systems to be developed with the utmost precision. This precision is where Demcon excels as they continue to push the boundries of what is possible.

Aerospace plays a major role in the daily lives of everyone on Earth. This does not just include communication and navigation, data gathered by satellites is processed which gives us more accurate weather forecasts, vital knowledge for agriculture and plays a role in geopolitical events. TNO develops the systems necessary for these applications while working together with the Dutch government, companies, institutes and universities.