Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

“Aviation is here to stay”

It has become clear that the aviation industry is not sustainable in its current state. Fuel prices and environmental issues have stimulated a dramatic change in the design of our aircraft, engines, and airfields. There are huge investments being made into creating cleaner and more efficient propulsion systems. However, we are still far away from moving completely from traditional engines to better, more sustainable alternatives.  

With our Symposium, we want to explore how far the aviation industry has come in transforming their propulsion systems and what lies ahead in the short and long term. What different propellants are viable? How do new propulsion systems affect the design of aircraft and airfields? How long will it take for these new systems to reach the market? Such questions will be discussed during the VSV Symposium on February the 28th. Experts from different branches of the industry will talk about their side of the discussion and vision of the future.  

During the day, there will be multiple events taking place for students and professionals to attend. The day will kick off with workshops, where companies can challenge students in a fun manner. Over the entire course of the day there will be an innovation floor, where start-ups and student teams can show their ideas and discuss what ideas are worth pursuing. In the afternoon, there will be multiple speakers from different fields of expertise that will talk about what their experiences are and will try to inspire students to think more about the subject.  Lastly, there will be a discussion panel, where professionals, students and other great minds will have a debate lead by the Chair of the Day. Other attendees are also encouraged to join the discussion.  

Aviation is here to stay, its form still being unclear. Our goal is to inspire students during the Symposium to think about their vision of the future of aviation, because it will be these students that will shape the future and make sure our aircrafts fly using better, more sustainable propulsion systems.