Committee of Recommendation

We would like to express our utmost appreciation for the Committee of Recommendation. These industry professionals, ranging from CEOs to the Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering guide the Symposium committee by continuously providing advice and extending the committee’s reach within the aviation industry. Their valuable contributions lay the necessary foundation for a Symposium that engages and educates for which we are gratful. We would therefore like to take a moment to introduce the people that work behind the screens.

Prof. dr. Henri Werij

Dean of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft


Prof. Dipl. -ing. Heinz Stoewer

Distinguished Visiting Scientist at NASA JPL

Daniel Neuenschwander

Director of Human and Robotic Exploration at ESA

Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund

President of International Space University

Joost van Tooren

Programme manager of human spaceflight at Arianegroup


Prof. dr. Eberhard Gill

Chairholder of Space Systems Engineering at TU Delft