About the Organizers

The VSV ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’, established in 1945, is the study society for students of the TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The VSV organises many activities for students by students, intended to enrich their time at the university, in all aspects: career, education, and social. Events regularly organised by the society include lectures, excursions, networking events, and parties.

One of the largest events organised annually by the VSV is the symposium. This symposium is organised alternatingly by the RVD (Ruimtevaartdispuut, or Space Department) and the LVD (Luchtvaartdispuut, or Aviation Department) sub-committee. Next to the work done in organising the symposium, these departments make a year long commitment to organise lectures and excursions for students interested specifically in spaceflight or aviation.

This year’s symposium, Fuelling the Future: Redefining aircraft propulsion systems, is organised by the 30th Aviation Department:

Tim Honing


Thijs van Soest


Archisman Acharya

Commissioner of Aula Affairs

Nachiket Dighe

Commissioner of Workshops and Innovation Floor

Thijmen God

Commissioner of Technical Affairs

Matthijs van Lent

Commissioner of Promotion

Emma Janssen

Qualitate Qua