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Aviation is at the dawn of a new age. Engineers and designers look to completely new ways of propelling our aircraft, reaching out to methods focused not only on making fuels more efficient. Instead we propose alternatives to the propellants and engine designs that are most common in the industry today. Words that are often thrown around today include hydrogen and electric, but how feasible are they? It has become clear that, due to rapid globalisation and accessibility, people are choosing to travel by plane more often than ever before. However, increasing the frequency of flights is easier said than done. The aviation sector has been thrown in a spotlight with major concerns on sustainability. It must answer these concerns with promises of a sustainable future through better and novel propulsion systems. Join the discussion at the VSV Symposium 2023. On the 28th of February at the TU Delft Aula Conference Centre people from a range of disciplines, from visionaries to realists, will shed their light on the subject and give you an opportunity to step into the sustainable aviation sector.

The VSV Symposium is an annual event organised by the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, the society of Aerospace Engineering students at the Delft University of Technology. Organised by students for students, the Symposium aims to inspire a new generation of engineers by inviting a number of professionals in the field of aerospace engineering, as well as related fields, to shed light on a currently relevant theme. This year’s Symposium is organised by the 30th Aviation Department of the VSV, and will feature several presentations, two panel discussions, and a number of workshops and other networking opportunities for students interested in the aviation industry.

Maartje van der Helm

Chair of the Day

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Pictures below of the VSV Symposium 2019, Evolution of Aviation


All day: Innovation Floor

10:45 – 12:15 | Workshop: GKN Fokker or LVNL

12:15 – 13:00 | Lunch Break

13:00 – 14:40 | Opening, Presentations, First Panel

14:40 – 15:10 | Break

15:10 – 17:30 | Presentations, Second Panel, Closing

17:30 – 18:30 | Network Drink

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